Exhibitions help promote links in support industry

A string of exhibitions of machine tools , electronic technologies and equipment, and solutions for support industries kicked off in HCM City on October 6.

Promoting support and engineering industries

Although they have great potential for development, support and engineering industries currently represent a small part of the domestic industrial structure. Specific measures need to be found to promote support industry development in compliance with industrialization and modernization demands.

Vietnamese scientists honored in the US

Many Vietnamese scientists who live and work in the US have gained great scientific achievements and received international honors

High-flying solar balloons could produce clean electricity night and day

Combining solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, hydrogen production, and fuel cells, these solar balloons are meant to be deployed above the clouds.

Harvard's bionic leaf turns sunlight into liquid fuel, outperforms the real thing

Photosynthesis has long been looked at as the gold standard for turning sunlight into energy and it only makes sense to look to plants for inspiration when building a new clean technology.

‘Barefoot engineer’ invents automatic watering system

Cao Phat Trien, a farmer in Mekong River Delta, has created a system which sprays and waters his orchard automatically, thus helping cut production cost and get higher profit.

Teenager invents machine which converts saltwater into fresh water

An eleventh grader in Ben Tre City has successfully created a solar panel-run machine which can convert saltwater into fresh water.

Could a new plastic-eating bacteria help combat this pollution scourge?

Scientists have discovered a species of bacteria capable of breaking down commonly used PET plastic but remain unsure of its potential applications

China announced the construction of safe nuclear power plant by 2017

Nuclear power will not rely on complex external systems that will regulate heat (such as those in Fukushima) and in theory, it should be safe and not overheat.

Made-in-Vietnam chips promoted in Japan

Made-in-Vietnam integrated circuits (ICs) were introduced at SEMICON Japan, an international exhibition for the microelectronics manufacturing supply chain recently held in Tokyo.