Plan designed to implement Paris Agreement on climate change

Updated 9:51' 11/15/2016
The Prime Minister has issued a plan to implement the Paris Agreement on climate change with five objectives, including reducing green house gas (GHG) emission and adapting to climate change.
The plan also focuses on preparing human resources for the work, setting up an open and transparent system and building and completing policies and regulations.

In order to reach the GHG emission reduction target, the PM assigned the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) and other relevant ministries to conduct regular stocktaking of GHG for 2014, 2016 and 2018.

They were also asked to evaluate Vietnam’s efforts in cutting down GHG emission stated in the National Climate Change Strategy and the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC), and engage in assessing the global efforts in 2018.

In 2025 and 2030, Vietnam is expected to reduce GHG emission in transportation, construction, agriculture and rural development to implement INDC suitable to the specific conditions of the country. The goal is scheduled to complete in 2030.

For climate change adaptation goal, the MoNRE, the ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Planning and Investment, Finance, and Constriction and localities will work together to build and complete a National Adaptation Plan by 2019.

The MoNRE, the ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development, Health, Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Finance, and Public Security as well as the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and insurance agencies were directed to evaluate risk and vulnerability of climate change, thus defining adaptation need and requirements for solving issues related to damage and loss.

The PM also requested the Ministry of Finance to allocate budget to involved ministries and localities to conduct the plan in line with the timetable.

Despite the fact that Vietnam is a developing country facing many difficulties and challenges caused by climate change, the country has pledged in its INDC 8 percent reduction of GHG emission in 2030 and 25 percent in the future.