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Project List

Updated in June 2011


Project Activities Duration
Advance Train-the-Trainers on Cleaner Production

Five-day advance training for active trainers (with prior knowledge on cleaner production) to promote cleaner production in industry through better communication skills

June 2011 – Aug 2011


Capacity building and networking with trainers and consultants from whole country

In depth training on Cleaner Production Consulting Skills

One year training and is divided into 4 modules, each module consists of 3,5 day in class, 1 day on field and 1-2 day hand-on practice. More than that, a follow-up to support consultancy quality after one year is provided.

Batch 1: 2008- 2010

Batch 2: 2009-2011

Batch 3: 2010-2011

Capacity building and networking with 86 consultants from 14 provinces in Vietnam

Train-the-Trainers on Cleaner Production

Five-day training with the concept of cleaner production, how to deliver to industry with supports of training materials, training skill and international experience

May-Oct 2010

Capacity and networking with 104 local authorities from 63 Department of Industry and Trade and Industrial
Promotion Centres
Awareness and in-company training

One to two day training to managers, to technical staff on cleaner production has been delivered to industrial enterprises.

Training on fire fighting, ergonomics has been delivered to office based businesses.


Staff has been trained with practice



Project Activities Duration
Revising GHG Inventory Manual

Updating and revising factors and methodology in GHG Inventory Manual of United Nations

2010 - 2011

Manual updated with revised factors

Industrial incentive system

Revising existing study on industrial incentive system and updating situation to identify the constraints and management measures to promote cleaner production application in industry.


An incentive system to promote application of cleaner production in industry is proposed

Incremental cost estimation for the BAT/BEP implementation in Vietnam Incremental cost estimation to reduce u-POPs by applying BAT/BEP in the four sectors of incineration, cement, steel and pulp and paper

Feb - June 2011

Incremental cost estimation for reduction of u-POPs in selected sectors estimated
PCB inventory methodology

Development of screening and inventory methodology for PCB inventory with electrical equipment, industrial equipment and on-site store oil in Vietnam

2010 - 2011
A methodology proposed
Biogas Effects on
Decreasing Air Pollution
Around Cooking Place

Monitoring and evaluation of biogas effects on suspended particulate matters, CO, SO2, HCs, CH4, H2S and NH3 at cooking place of biogas, coal, wood and agricultural residue users

Jan-Apr 2011
Proven monitoring results on biogas effects
Cleaner production reporting and certification system Development of certification indicators for cleaner production and its reporting system
A set of certification indicators and reporting system to introduce to enterprise
In-company Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency Assessment

Detail assessment has been delivered to the following sectors: Steel and iron, textile, paper, food and beverage (coconut, sugar, tapioca, beer, tea, salt), chemical (plastic, battery) and printing


Situation and analysis and recommendation for improvement at variation of industrial sectors and ownership
Heat Loss Assessment Measurement and calculation of heat loss recovery potential from blast furnace gas
Oct-Dec 2010
Heat recovery option proposed
Monitoring and evaluation Development and adjustment of monitoring and evaluation indicators for Cleaner Production in Industry Component

Oct-Dec 2008

A set of monitoring and evaluation indicators developed
Clean Development Mechanism Collecting information to develop project document in hydropowers, tapioca and sugar producer in Vietnam.
Projects are sold


Information and Communication

Project Activities Duration
Cleaner Production Website

Designing and functioning a website to promote the implementation of National CP Strategy though local departments of industry and trade, industrial associations and other active stakeholders

2010 - 2011

www.sxsh.vn is well functioning

Sectoral cleaner production guidelines

Development of guidance to general audience on overall situation, production process, CP potential, its opportunities and how to apply cleaner production in studied sectors.

2008 - 2011

Guidelines in Brewery, Tapioca, Steel (Electric Arc Furnace), Paint, Tanneries, NPK and Cement

National baseline survey on cleaner production in Vietnam

Surveying on awareness, application of cleaner production in industry as well as promotion capacity of Government Officers at 63 Department of Industry and Trade on cleaner production


Baseline data identified vs national stratergy targets

12.000 enterprises and 63 local Department of Industry and Trade were covered

Survey on Manson and Enterprise Development in biogas sector

Surveying 250 masons and enterprises in Vietnam with involvement in biogas business to identify their current situation.

June-Dec 2010
Impact overview of biogas manson and enterprise after training
Standard training packages on cleaner production

Development of training slides, lecturer instruction and supporting documents of 13 cleaner production related topics as a general guidance for future CP trainers

Jun-Dec 2010
5 training packages to different audience developed
Promotion of energy efficiency through energy management system and system optimization (survey and legal frame overview)

In-depth energy efficiency and management survey in 110 industrial enterprises from food processing, cement, textile, steel, pulp and paper, rubber and chemical

Reviewing institutional and legal frame that relates to energy efficiency in Vietnam

May-Dec 2009

Energy efficiency and management situation identified. Priority sectors are proposed

Both institutional and legal frame on energy efficiency are reviewed

Cleaner Production Financial Mechanism Review Surveying existing financial mechanisms to support cleaner production application in Vietnam and providing indepth review to four selected mechanisms

Sep-Dec 2008

The review has been provided to industry for better access to different mechanisms

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